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Lucid Dreams exhibition at the Art Moorhouse in London.

Lucid Dreams exhibition at the Art Moorhouse in London.

Editorial staff – Monday, 28th January 2013

“process of “constructed visualization” … artists do by their very nature”

Lucid Dreams,  2013 © Art Moorhouse, co. Hay hill galleries.

Lucid Dreams, 2013 © Art Moorhouse, co. Hay hill galleries.

Lucid Dreams closed with a great success of public, at Art Moorhouse, London. Lucid Dreams investigates the unreal world of dreams.

A lucid dream is a clear dream where the dreamer can consciously control its content and the journey.

From daydreams to nightmares, images and stories fill our heads helping us to resolve contradictions, explore fantasies and unlock hidden feelings.

This process of “constructed visualization” is something that artists do by their very nature. They consciously create new realities —they dream new worlds— and through the act of giving their dreams physical form, they share their private universes with us, the viewer.

The exhibition focuses not only on the active construction of dreamlike imagery by contemporary artists, but also on the body and the dominant role it often plays in dreams.

The eight artistic view points in this exhibition present us to a fantastical and complex world of dreams where imaginations and emotions are expressed in a fluid stream of visual metaphors, abstract symbols and expressions often influenced by the worldly events.

Artists on show are the following: Sveta Yavorky; Nicola Godden; Unus Safardiar; Stanislav Plutenko; Eleanor Cardozo; Roxana Halls; Zorikto Dorzheiv and Zoe Benbo

Lucid Dreams has been is an exhibition organised by Hay Hill Gallery and ArtMoorHouse.

At Art Moorhouse, 120 London Wall, EC2Y 5ET, from 16th until 28th January 2013

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