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“XXXIX” exhibition of Maja Vrzina at the Strand Gallery, London.

XXXIX” exhibition of Maja Vrzina at the Strand Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Wednesday, 25th September 2013

Time is precious (2012) © Elisabetta Versari

Time is precious (2012) ©  photo Elisabetta Versari

“XXXIX” is an involving exhibition at Strand Gallery, London.

Maja Vrzina is an interesting Croatian artist who lives and works in London. This exhibition celebrates her thirty-nine year of life and has opened for her birthday.

The exhibition presents 17 works of Vrzina paintings and a sculpture gilded in gold. These works are striking and reveal a good style. The paintings are acrylic in black and made from sketches on white canvas. They depict diverse subjects, including a Self-Portrait. Also paintings are in gold leaf gilded frame, as the artist intended to do so, because she considered these artworks as whole and not two separate objects.

This use of black acrylic on white canvas achieves a sense of balance, which reflects the contrasting emotions of personal struggle. “For me, life has always been about extremes. I have known great pain, fear and loss and also experienced joy, love and ecstasy. Life is a constant struggle between opposing forces”, Maja Vrzina said.

The result of this technique is interesting. Works are dramatic and it seems they reflect the artist’s life. Maja Vrzina was born on the 24th September 1974, in Split, Croatia. She suffered ex- Yugoslavia civil war and political unrest. Once the civil war was over, she moved to Zagreb to study Finance at the university. In 1999 Vrzina moved to London and started to work in financial media. Later on she left the business world to fully concentrate on her artistic career.

Maja Vrzina also studied the craft of gold leaf gilding under the personal tutorage of master gilder, David Duncan. She also applies gilding technique to her sculptural pieces, of which just one piece, the best of the show, is present at the Strand Gallery exhibition. “Time is precious” (2012) is a 44 and ¼ inch diameter clock with sculpted crystal rosin skulls and bones and Smith-Enfield striking movement.

She is a self taught painter and, despite she declares not to inspire to any movement or style, her work on paintings clearly reflects the Aesthetic and the Art Nouveau Movement styles.

On the 23rd September, at the opening night, Ivan Grdesic, Croatian Ambassador in London, was also present. He said: “It’s a great pleasure to see young Croatian artists”.

“XXXIX” exhibition of Maja Vrzina is ongoing until the 29th September 2013 at the Strand Gallery, London, WC2N 6BP.


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