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Famous Italian painter & actor Dario Ballantini at the Art Moor House, London.

Famous Italian painter & actor Dario Ballantini at the Art Moor House, London.

David Franchi – Sunday, 13th October 2013

Dario Ballantini at the Art MoorHouse, London.

Dario Ballantini at the Art MoorHouse, London.

Dario Ballantini at the Art Moor House, London, was a surprising discover. Ballantini is an Italian famous actor. He is a regular on prime time shows in the major Italian private broadcasts. He is very well-known by national public, but as comedian who impersonates famous personalities, such as stylist Valentino, Ferrari’s President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and recently Pope Francis.

Few people know that Dario Ballantini is also a good painter. He works a lot and took part to many exhibitions. He is the painter son of a painter father and coming from an artistic family: his father was in fact a neo realistic painter, a post- Macchiaiolo uncle painter, the grandfather an actor and another uncle was a tenor.

Born in Livorno, the 13th October 1964, Ballantini studied art and painting at school, and took part to exhibitions just after have finished it. But in the meantime he had his debut on TV which gave him the chance to become famous. But coming from Livorno – one of the art cradles of Italy – he could meet and interact together with famous artists.

Despite his big television success, Ballantini brought on painting with steadiness. The results on painting, the medium that he – apparently – loves more, are very interesting. His style is inspired between Picasso and Guttuso, as he also declares on his website. At the Art Moor House works on display were of an intimate mood, a deep research on emotions and feelings. All works are created on contrasts of light and dark colours and in all of them there is a human figure, not realistic but sketched and often in different ways.

Ballantini reveals to have a good style. Static faces, rapid instinctual placing of vivid colour featuring the artist’s most inner emotions. These two different identities merge in the research of study of the people that Ballantini is currently undertaking as a personal experiment, aimed to enlarge knowledge of categories.

Dario Ballantini is not new to London. He exhibited regularly during the last years, from 2011.

At the Art Moor House, Moor House, London, Dario Ballantini was on show from 9th September until 9th October 2013.


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