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Terrain by Jackie Nickerson was the last exhibition for Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery.

Terrain by Jackie Nickerson was the last exhibition for Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery.

David Franchi – Saturday, 4th January 2014.

Ruth by Jackie Nickerson, 2012 © Jackie Nickerson

Ruth by Jackie Nickerson, 2012 © Jackie Nickerson

“Terrain” by Jackie Nickerson sadly was the last exhibition for the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery, London. The Gallery, in fact, will temporary relocate in London, but the future is unknown.

Camilla Grimaldi and Isabella Brancolini the couple of Italian art dealers who were running the gallery decided to split after ten years of working together. We wish to both of them the best and bright future.

The exhibition “Terrain” was an investigation series into labour and agricultural environments in Sub – Saharan Africa.

The work of Jackie Nickerson focused on the synergy between cultivation, workers and environment. It was a series made almost of portraits. However, the focal point of these images is not the face, as it is usually done in portraiture, but the body or a part of it.

“Terrain” is a different variety of portraiture which tried to avoid photojournalism, strongly rejecting the depiction of banal and ethical information.

The Nickerson’s exhibition at Brancolini Grimaldi, London, used a simplified artistic language to underline the significant international debate about crop specialisation, subsistence farming and food security.

“Terrain” was a document about the rural environment and the workers interaction. The exhibition portrayed the way human efforts affect the world locally, transforming and altering landscape, and opposite how these changes alter the human condition. This can be seen also in a general perspective because this is a story that happens worldwide.

Jackie Nickerson said: “Terrain is about us in the landscape, how we change the world we inhabit at every moment of our being human, and how, for better and for worse, the world that we make, in turn, changes who we are”.

“Terrain” by Jackie Nickerson was at the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery, London, from 20th November until 21st December 2013.

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