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Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition 2014 at Battersea Park, London.

Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition 2014 at Battersea Park, London.

David Franchi – Wednesday, 19th March 2014.

Antlers Gallery, Charles Emerson, The Fullness of Now, Photographic Prize

Antlers Gallery, Charles Emerson, The Fullness of Now, Photographic Prize

The Affordable Art Fair Spring Edition 2014 was a successful event. Many visitors at the Battersea Park, London, venue and a sales increase were reported by many galleries.

This edition of the Affordable Art Fair presented the Project Space Collective – a new platform for emerging and experimental artists.

The Project Space Collective was a hub for different galleries displaying artworks not always expected to a conventional art fair, such as multimedia installations, curated exhibitions and solo presentations together with an assorted mix of galleries and artists.

Involved in the Project Space Collective was a new media exhibition by the revolutionary Kinetica Museum which discovers artistic innovation from artists of all kinds. The gallery BEARSPACE based in Deptford, instead, presented a startling, Dean Brierley’s ChromaFlair, a showcase of watercolours and paintings in a totally surprising and unexpected context. The gallery PAPER, from Manchester, investigated the lasting legacy of the Surrealists on contemporary artists, whilst the always appealing Jotta Contemporary brought together works by artists exploring ideas of familiarity and alienation. Slate Projects reintroduced the handmade into contemporary photography through the works of Gareth Berwyn, Tamsin Relly and Rankle & Reynolds, whilst Brixton Village-based Knight Webb Gallery continue their celebrated series of offsite projects known as The Brixton Experiment.

The team promoting South London’s stimulating new art, Slam, provided particularly tailored tours for first time collectors or anyone curious about emerging artists.

Another new event was the Burlesque Life Drawing Studio by Frui, which lasted for one night only. Frui is a creative learning holiday company to try their hand at life drawing.

The Affordable Art Fair the chosen beneficiary charity, at this year’s Battersea Fair, was Fight For Sight. As the UK’s main charity that funds eye research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease, it has the support of a number of exhibiting galleries.

A striking site-specific installation was commissioned to Rob Mulholland by the Affordable Art Fair. The Scottish-born sculptor is identified for his provoking, conceptual installations which explore our elaborated relationship with nature. Located just outside the AAF for visitors approaching the fair, “No Boundaries” was an ethereal, never-before-seen installation, made of a series of mirrored figures, some standing, some levitating in the air and mirrored architectural cubes set in amongst the trees surrounding the fair.

This year the Affordable Art Fair presented some of the dazzling female stars, such as a captivating photographic fine art print from the British photographer Kirsty Mitchell, or a beautifully intricate illustration from London – based Kristjana S. Williams together with Kirsty Wither, Amy Judd and Candice Tripp.

The Affordable Art Fair has revolutionised and democratised the art market with its fun and accessible approach, bringing art under £4,000 to its three UK locations: Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, and Bristol. The concept has become a global phenomenon with 18 fairs in 14 cities across 4 continents.

Affordable Art Fair was at Battersea Park, London, from 13th March until 16th March 2014.


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