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“Drawing a Wider View” by Christopher Green at the ArtMoorhouse Gallery, London.

“Drawing a Wider View” by Christopher Green at the ArtMoorhouse Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Thursday, 20 March 2014.

Alexandra Park, Summer, 2013 Photograph © Piero Cruciatti

Alexandra Park Summer, 2013, Ph. © Piero Cruciatti

“Drawing a Wider View” at the ArtMoorhouse Gallery, London, is an involving event by Christopher Green. The artist seems to bring back in time the visitors, excellently using ink and brush on paper – a medium we did not see for a long time.

Frankly talking, nowadays a lot of artists are keener in producing art without great effort, at least with poor knowledge of any medium, apparently.

Christopher Green, instead, works slowly, using good old techniques which not allow mistakes. This is a characteristic of his work, referring to the past, giving that particular note of melancholy coming from old times, which is highlighted by the medium used.

“Drawing a Wider View” shows the specialization of the artist in making large-scale monochrome ink drawings of the landscape, cityscapes and interiors. Working entirely on-site his aim is to represent the visual experience of being somewhere in particular.

Christopher Green is especially interested in what happens when a drawing expands from the centre into the periphery of vision. He has developed a method of joining together sheets of usually A3 paper allowing the angle of vision to widen while continuing to draw. He uses measuring to keep track of the relative scale and position of things.

Being unable to see the whole drawing at once for practical reasons, misjudgements often occur leading to sometimes surprising inconsistencies and fractures. The drawings reveal Green successive attempts to get to grips with space.

The work takes place over long periods of time. He aspires to stay true to his experience by recording everything as it appears in the moment. The result is drawings where multiple states of time exist simultaneously. The effects of morning and afternoon, different weather conditions even different seasons can be seen in the same drawing.

He depicts rapidly moving people and traffic in as much detail as the moment allows. The final picture is built from his attempt to draw the way things appear in space, and everything that happened in a particular place over time.

“Drawing a wider View” is at the ArtMoorhouse, Moorgate, London, from 24th February until 24th March 2014.

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