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The exhibition the Art of Race was at the Art Moorhouse, London.

David Franchi – Saturday, 15th November 2014.

The Art of Race was an exhibition about posters of car races, at the Art MoorHouse, Moorgate, London.

Lotus 11GT Breadvan, courtesy Art Moorhouse

Lotus 11GT Breadvan, courtesy Art Moorhouse

The exhibition focuses on the famous car Lotus 11GT ‘Breadvan’ and related posters of car and car races. The Lotus 11GT was a cornerstone of the automotive of the United Kingdom. It was a racing car built in various versions by Lotus from 1956 until 1958. In total, about 270 Elevens of all versions were built, but only this one was successfully made as a “one-off Breadvan”. The standard Lotus eleven was already pretty fast, but the benefits of the shooting brake body paid off for them as well.

The ‘Breadvan’ concept of the Sixties was made famous by the Ferrari 250 ‘Drogo’ based on Ferrari 250 GT SWB. After British racing driver Graham Capel saw how successful these Bizzarrini, Drogo, Neri and Bonacini’s Ferrari 250 design was, he decided to try their trick on his Lotus 11. To emulate their success he had to turn the car in a sort of lightweight shooting brake. The idea was pretty simple: to create a “Kamm effect “. Neil Twyman is the responsible of the project that brought back the Lotus 11 GT ‘Breadvan’. It participates to races, such as the Moss Trophy, finishing second.

This exhibition is dedicated to posters, which is a niche sector of the art world. Nowadays, graphics and posters are produced differently, for example using computers and graphic software. But at that time, graphic was created by humans and using mediums like painting or drawing and then after printed out for mass diffusion. Therefore these posters are unique pieces of art.

A real vintage Lotus 11GR Breadvan car was on show. It was another interesting aspect of this exhibition. It was nice to see one of these cars in reality, so visitors were able to compare posters with metal.

The exhibition was organized by Elisa Martinelli and William Lansbury.

The exhibition the Art of Race was at the Art Moorhouse, Moor House, Moorgate, London, from 9th October until 7th November 2014.


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