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A sensational London edition of Affordable Art Fair 2015.

David Franchi – Sunday, 22nd March 2015.

The Affordable Art Fair 2015 has been successful, in Battersea Park, London.

Affordable Art Fair 2015 LondonThe fair is one of the most famous in the world. It showcases a very varied range of artworks made using different media, such as paintings, original artist-made prints, sculpture, installations and photography. The prices of works on sale are all between £100 and £5,000.

Therefore, with such prices the goal of the Affordable Art Fair is to help people in build their own collection, but above all, it is a very good place for collector beginners. The effort the fair makes to help art collector novices is remarkable, for example, when just exploring the website it is possible to find numerous basic tips for the fresher of the sector.

For its London edition of March 2015, the Affordable Art Fair organised many activities. The word was to relax and to take your time to visit the fair at your own pace. Parents could drop off their babies aged 2-10 at the “Outstanding” Ofsted rated crèche (complete with arty activities), Nipperbout. Then also, there were activity packs and a packed programme of hands-on workshops to keep children aged 4-11 entertained. Thirdly, for the adults, instead, there were cafes and a Laithwaite wine bar.

The Affordable Art fair is a lively event that has reached its 16th year with 111 events across 11 countries, 1,300 exhibiting galleries and 232,000 visitors. Priding itself on making art reachable for everyone, the fair proposal is to find art that reflects each buyer’s passion whatever is their budget. Whether visitors are looking for traditional or contemporary, original or minimalist, colourful or monochrome pieces, there truly is art for everyone and to personalize their own space.

Luci Noel, Affordable Art Fair Battersea Director, shares her top art tips for curating a home collection; “Art fairs provide an eclectic mix of genres and artists that you can browse to find the perfect artwork to kick-start or expand your collection. Chatting with the gallerists, will help you learn about the art and discover more about what’s behind the piece. You’ll also be able to see some up and coming talent and be exposed to styles which you may not have come across or considered previously.”

The March 2015 fair hosted artworks from galleries across the globe alongside local collections. New talent from Project Space Collective, an initiative directed at emerging talent from around the UK were also on show. South London Art Map offered guided tours tailored for both first time collectors and anyone curious about emerging artists.

Occurring during the Mother’s Day, the Affordable Art Fair had this year a special focus on artwork created for the purpose. Visitors were able to browse a vast range of limited edition artist’s prints, one-off sculptures, or original paintings made for the occasion of the Mother’s day. Creative visitors can make their own Mother’s Day card on the spot at the print making workshop. Elsewhere, the Affordable Art Fair hosted a number of special workshops on Mother’s Day, including how to create your own flying machines and creatures.

The Affordable Art Fair was at Battersea Park, London, from 12th until 15th March 2015.


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