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“A thousand faces” exhibition by Raul, at the CNB – Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Monday, 20th April 2015.

Raul © images Cock 'n' Bull Gallery, London

Raul © images Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery, London

The exhibitionA thousand faces” by Raul was a success, at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

The subjects of “A thousand faces” are visages of people that inspired Raul and that he depicted with his own approach, then exhibiting at the CNB Gallery, London.

Raul adopted his style from the graffiti, to be considered as the processing of a higher pataphysical, science fictional or surreal form of culture. For the CNB Gallery exhibition, Raul uses the shape of the face to summarize the vigorous and primal philosophy of his work.

The artist uses sharp-cutting colours to produce portraits in a graffiti style. For “A thousand faces” exhibition, primitive is the adjective to be used to define the style of the works on display. But also it refers to the 1980s movements of New York, the gallery culture that moved to the street and subways, and vice versa.

The artists himself agrees with this definition of his work: “From primitive to that of today, graffiti is to me a free form of expression, capable of breaking barriers and rules, thus raising these gestures to forms of higher culture.”

For Raul, freedom of expression means any form it manifests itself: it can be surreal or fictional as it has no boundaries, thus becoming pataphysical through the affirmation of the absolute freedom of the artist. Even a simple sign of colour can have a surreal meaning.

Therefore, also the works of De Chirico are of inspiration for Raul, together with many others, such as A One (Anthony Clark), Keith Haring and Kenny Sharf, and photographers Helmut Newton, Terry Richardson.

For the CNB Gallery show, Raul created a whole environment by painting even the floor, using his own specific style. Furthermore, interesting is the video of the making of realised for the setting up of “A thousand faces” exhibition, that can be seen on the gallery website.

With a sketchbook of his energetic work, Raul introduced himself to Rebecca Lidert, Director of the CNB Gallery, and to the staff, during autumn 2014. He was immediately accepted for an exhibition.

Italian artist Raul, whose real name is Marco Lullo, is born in Pescara (Italy) 1980. He holds a degree in Communications and previously worked in fashion, founding Reception (2008). In 2011, he moved to Miami (US), and started to exhibit his works. At present he lives and works between Pescara, London and Miami.

A thousand facesexhibition by Raul was at the CNB – Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London, from 6th March until 17th April 2015.

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