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Euroart Studios annual exhibition – art in Tottenham, London.

David Franchi – Thursday, 2nd July 2015.

Euroart Studios Tottenham London

Euroart Studios Tottenham London

Open Studios and Art Exhibition was a great event, at Euroart Studios, in Tottenham, London. Euroart Studios is a very huge hub for artists, located in North London, between Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters. It is a centre consisting in 70 studios, bringing together an assorted mix of gifted artists.

Once a year, the Euroart Studios opens its doors to the public for the Open Studios and Art Exhibition. It is an unmissable event, as there is the possibility to visit almost all the studios and get in touch personally with the artists. It was a free entry event, with donation bar, interactive music and complimentary tea and coffee.

There was a Silent Auction. Affordable artworks were installed on a wall, each with accompanying ‘Bid Sheet’ containing details of the works and the creating artist. On the sheet was the start price of the auction and spaces for visitors to record higher bids and their contact number. At the end of each two hour period, Euroart’s auction coordinator contacted the highest bidder to return to the auction wall, to collect and pay for their purchase. The Silent Auction was not supervised, so visitors were free to view the artworks and place bids at their convenience.

At the Open Studios and Art Exhibition, there was also an Art Raffle, a chance to win a £250 voucher prize which could be used to buy works from the ’Silent Auction Wall’, in artists’ studios or to commission new work.

It happened to me to meet Nigel Young out of Arsenal tube station by chance. He showed me the Euroart Studios exhibition publicity on a magazine and I decided to go, because for coincidences I think that rarely God is so lazy. Visiting the exhibition was a great pleasure.

I discovered the Euroart Studios where founded by professional visual artist Lorraine Clarke and space projects quality consultant Young in January 2002. At the beginning, Euroart was established in a leased industrial location on Tottenham High Road, next door to Spurs Football Club.

In 2009, Spurs purchased the site for development of a new stadium and Euroart was immediately evicted. However, Clarke and Young were able to find two warehouse units at Gaunson House and to lease them for 20-year terms, 34 workspaces created and 30 artists relocated from the High Road premises. In August 2011 a third warehouse unit was leased and an additional 36 workspaces created.

The basic concept of Euroart Studios is to help artists by offering attractive spaces at affordable rates. Many artists, in fact, start to do art by pastime or working part-time. Therefore, an affordable rent is very welcome. Many significant artists started their carrier exactly in the same way.

However, it is a common say that London today is too expensive: it is absolutely true. The town became so costly that it looks like a kindergarten for rich people.

The London situation is now an insurmountable obstacle for those people who are not well in cash – and I really mean loaded with a lot of money and plenty of free time. An artist today must go to university, buy pricey materials, rent a studio and travel, sometimes even out of the country.

As a result, the people whose families have not enough money are offside. This is undermining the level of the UK in any sector, including art. Therefore, Euroart Studios give a great opportunity to artists.

Being central London exploited by gentrification, many artists are moving to Tottenham from the surrounding areas, for example Dalston, Hornsey Road, or Shoredtich. Tottenham instead has been regenerated after the riots – which suspiciously happened just when needed. There is a Halls of Residence in the area, linked to the University of the Arts and to Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion.

Euroart Studios is focused on deliver contemporary art to the local community, helping people to participate in artistic and original experiences, including creative workshops in the studios and across the borough and collaborative projects with other local organizations, like Bruce Castle Museum, West Green Learning Centre, Friends of Markfield Park and North London Chamber of Commerce.

Euroart Studios is a self-funded, not-for-profit, company limited by guarantee, and they receive no core funding.

‘Open Studios and Art Exhibition’ was at the Euroart Studios from 5th until 7th June, Tottenham Hale/Seven Sisters, London, N15 4QQ.


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