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The Felix Treadwell exhibition at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Sunday, 27th July 2015.

Deflating Head (2015) © Felix Treadwell, co. Cock'n'bull Gallery, London.

Deflating Head (2015) © Felix Treadwell, co. Cock’n’bull Gallery, London.

It is a remarkable exhibition Felix Treadwell, at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

The solo exhibition ‘Ripple on a Playground’ marks the debut of Felix Treadwell, who was the winner of the HIX Award 2014, organised by Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

Recently, Treadwell successfully completed a degree in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts, London. His work is bound by a series of challenges within both the aesthetic and conceptual content.

Treadwell work analyses the spreading internet culture and its repercussions on young people, together with the interaction between East and West. Nowadays, internet allows people to access information in a never before seen easy way. However, questions are raised about the reliability of such information, and it is uncertain if this is a positive or negative freedom.

The usage of a technique such as painting is a distinguished choice in a web culture. By working with painting, Treadwell experiments with a medium which requires mastering and ability, in contrast with the easy accessibility of today information.

Felix Treadwell work is also focused on the absence of strong reference points for the youth of today. Teenagers and children are left by themselves to develop their own personality but the hollowness of their environment puts them to a high risk of vulnerability and conformity, while leaving them exposed to intimidation, raising problems with bullying and predators.

At the preview of the exhibition ‘Ripple on a Playground’, the Cock’n’Bull Gallery was packed, in between the visitors many Japanese people. The work of Treadwell, in fact, is strongly inspired by his experience in the Land of the Rising Sun.

His style is clear, neat, and notable is the usage of bright light colours. By using cartoon-like figures, he cleverly presents his worry on the consequences of the infesting Internet Culture.

Born in a town near Brighton in 1992, Felix Treadwell was inspired to become an artist from his experiences as a child and teenager. He moved to London to complete his Fine Art degree and during this period was accepted to study at Kyoto Seika University (Japan) for 7 months. The inspiration coming from these far-away cultures is indisputably evident in his work.

The exhibition ‘Ripple on a Playground’ by Felix Treadwell is ongoing at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, Shoreditch, London, until the 3rd August 2015.

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