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A fantastic exhibition by Eve Spencer at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Monday, 12th October 2015.

Wallcovering © Eve Spencer, London

Wallcovering © Eve Spencer, London

It was a remarkable exhibition Eve Spencer at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

The captivating exhibition “Untamed Company” by Helen Lucy Eve Spencer was focused on between art and design, a topic lately promoted in the exhibtion of the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London.

Eve Spencer was founded by Creative Director Helen Spencer in the art districts of East London. It is a British art and design company. Spencer is a Central Saint Martins fine art graduate and was labelled ‘one to watch’ by the prominent school’s council.

The exhibition displayed fascinating design decoration with nature inspired motifs. The entire gallery was transformed into an artwork itself, with paintings hanging from the wall, carpet, rugs, furniture and a bizarre sculpture in a corner. The ceiling was furnished with long linen fabrics.

Important is the design which is stimulated by the nature with animals, insects, and vegetables. These motifs are very common in the Italian countryside design as well. They remind me of the decorative items I used to see in the country houses, when visiting family or friends, in Maremma, South of Tuscany – particularly during the 1970s.

This exhibition opens a series about Central Saint Martins ‘one to watch’ artist designer, also featuring Miranda Donovan and Tim Noble, and curated by Rebecca Lidert, CNB Gallery Director.

Helen Spencer explains: “I’ve been humbled and truly excited by the opportunity to work with Mark Hix again, and

Wallcovering © Eve Spencer, London

Wallcovering © Eve Spencer, London

to get back to my fine art roots. The exhibition gives visitors a real insight into my world, what gives me reason to pause each day. It is said that the reality of art is the reality of imagination, and because my designs lean so heavily on my background I look to interiors as a canvas. eve spencer is a palette and philosophy for those who want to escape the beige and banal, and for those with a vision beyond the ordinary – but a distinct appreciation of the functional.”

Graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in fine art, Helen Spencer still lives in London, in the East art districts. The company name ‘eve’ was chosen for its affectionate recurrence across generations of women in her family. Her work for the family run Eve Spencer design house is a lavish celebration of life and nature in all its splendid integrity. With wallpaper or fabric prints of geometrically aligned insects whose beauty contradicts their reputation, rich, colourful montages that crackle with autumnal leaves, and wholly disciplined vegetables, the exhibition is for those who really see the wonder of life in itself.

The exhibition “Eve Spencer” was at the Cock’n’Bull Gallery, London, from 9th September until 3rd October 2015.


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