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Spanish exhibition of Carlos Puente at the Art Bermondsey Project Space, London.

David Franchi – Thursday, 7th April 2016

Catauro y la Luna / Catauro and the moon by Carlos Puente © Art Bermondsey Project Space, London.

Catauro y la Luna / Catauro and the moon by Carlos Puente © Art Bermondsey Project Space, London.

It was a remarkable exhibition “Shadows of Spain” by Carlos Puente, at the Art Bermondsey Project Space, London.

This is the first exhibition of Carlos Puente in London. At the Art Bermondsey Project Space, London, the painting exhibition of Carlos Puente could be approached without difficulty. His language is straightforward and easy to understand, consisting of primary colours, pure forms and colours. He focuses on simplicity, relating to childhood and infancy. His work represents life with basic and instinctive elements, for example love, sex, food, rage, or sleep.

His work is clearly inspired to the best painters of the twentieth century, including Kandinsky, Mirò, Picasso, Matisse, Malevič and Franz Marc. However, this blend of reminds creates something new, a personal approach of Puente. He is also considered close to the CoBrA group, the European avant-garde movement active from 1948 to 1951.

Puente met many artist of the Cobra group when working for the San Carlo Gallery (Milan) and took inspiration from them. Puente in fact, lived and worked in Italy, in Milan and Celle Ligure, where is talent blossomed.

Carlos Puente de Ambrosio is born in Santander (Spain) in 1950, in post-war Spain which was a multifaceted country. Under the fascist regime of Francisco Franco, Spain was suffering for the Civil War, the economic and social backwardness, while its cultural and artistic elites were fleeing abroad.

Art schools, usually cradles of radical ideas, were subject to surveillance. Therefore, after studying at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas e Santander, in 1969, Carlos Puente migrated to Paris, an established Spanish tradition – for example, such as artists Picasso and Dalì.

Puente made a number of particular works before he could dedicate to his art, including plum picking, dog and cat caretaker, worker in a tannery, pigeon trainer, bank employee, in a milk product factory and launched his own ceramics atelier. His work benefited of this particular mix of works that became a source of inspiration for him.

Synthesizing contemporary art, Carlos Puente is not involved with any specific school, but rather developed his own style which is well stimulating.

The exhibition “Shadows of Spain” by Carlos Puente was at the Art Bermondsey Project Space, London, from 1st March until 1st April 2016.


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