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Major Foam Talent 2015 exhibition, at the Beaconsfield Gallery, London.

David Franchi – Wednesday, 18th May 2016.

Woman I (Cards), 2014, from the series FLAT DEATH © Sara Cwynar, Courtesy Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, co. Beaconsfield Gallery , London.

Woman I (Cards), 2014, from the series FLAT DEATH © Sara Cwynar, Courtesy Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto, co. Beaconsfield Gallery , London.

It is a remarkable exhibitionFoam Talent 2015’, at the Beaconsfield Gallery, London.

Foam Talent 2015’ is the result of collaboration between Beaconsfield Gallery in Vauxhall and Foam Fotografiemuseum from Amsterdam (Holland), which brought to London an involving exhibition featuring international photographers with a variety of innovative approaches.

Presenting an original generation of young image-makers, Foam Talent is rather difficult to examine all together – the works on displays are more then 100, varying from digital to analogical, from colour to black and white, from simple prints to proper installations. The 21 featured artists have been selected from 1,208 submissions from 67 different countries – all of them are under the age of 35.

Talent is at its ninth edition. Since 2006 Foam Magazine has published a special Talent issue every year. It has grown constantly and in the past years, it became one of the most significant international platforms, from which young photographers have been often launched.

Based in Amsterdam, Foam is an international organisation active in the contemporary photography. It organises a wide range of activities also abroad, including exhibitions, publications, scouting, debates, educational projects and it runs a museum in Amsterdam.

Foam Magazine #42 issue is a relevant publication, which is also the catalogue of the exhibition at the Beaconsfield Gallery, London. It is also a portfolio and bio for photographer, plus has broad texts by a number of foremost international experts.

Foam Talent presents a good assortment of photographers. Certainly, to present the photos it elaborates a lot. Installations are not minimalist, according to the ongoing wave. There are expanded, large pieces, often overwhelming the visitors, mixed with small framed works. There are photos hanging directly from the ceiling allowing a 360° view; others mixes techniques like hand writing, painting, photoshopping, and different framing.

The approaches of the artist are different: some are purely descriptive, while others give more space to creativity.

A very involving Manon Wertenbroek got the front page of the magazine/ catalogue, with her work Tandem, which is a way for the artist to process her emotions and experiences by mixing material, design and photography. Christian Vium presented The Wake: for him photography is about dialogue and collaboration and his current work is focused on archive research, visual repatriation and photographic re-enactments. Flat Death and other pictures by Sara Cwynar instead, got the honour of the leaflet image. She works with photography, installations and collage by taking and recomposing images, in a vintage style. While Sjoerd Knibbeler, in his Current Studies, plays with the air around his assemblages of objects, Jean –Vincent Simonet instead is focused on the transgressive character of the body in his A Contemporary Maldoror.

The participating artists are: Aaron Blum (United States), Alessandro Calabrese (Italy), Tom Callemin (Belgium), Sara Cwynar (Canada), David Favrod (Switzerland), Dominic Hawgood (United Kingdom), Guo Peng (China), Heikki Kaski (Finland), Matthew Leifheit & Cynthia Talmadge (United States), Mariam Medvedeva (France), Abel Minnée (The Netherlands), Marton Perlaki (Hungary), Constantin Schlachter (France), Sjoerd Knibbeler (The Netherlands), Justin James Reed (United States), Johan Rosenmunthe (Denmark), Jean-Vincent Simonet (France), Danila Tkachenko (Russia), Naohiro Utagawa (Japan), Christian Vium (Denmark) and Manon Wertenbroek (Switzerland).

Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall in London has provided a laboratory and presentation space for contemporary art and artists since 1995 supported, until recently, by regular public funding.

Foam Talent is supported by Spaces, WeTransfer, Kleurgamma Fine-Art Photolab and The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London.

The annual Foam Magazine Talent Issue and the related Talent Program is supported by the Niemeijer Fund.

The exhibition Foam Talent 2015 is at the Beaconsfield Gallery, Vauxhall, London, from 22nd April until 22nd May 2016.

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