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Euroart Open Studios 2016 relaunch Tottenham, London.

David Franchi – Monday, 20th June 2016.

EuroArt Open Studios 2016, Tottenham, LondonIt has been an excellent occasion to visit the Open Studios 2016 at Euroart in Tottenham, London.

The consistent Euroart organisation is a hub, a miscellaneous of more than 70 artists who work and/ or live in London, a variegated group of artists, sculptors, architects, jewellery-makers.

Every year Euroart organises a free entry event, a weekend of opening to public. An unavoidable event, Euroart Open Studios offers the chance to step in almost all the studios with the artist present in person.

The Open Studios was involving and fully packed. There was also an Art Raffle, a chance to win a £250 voucher prize which could be used to buy works of artist in the studios or to commission new work, and that helps to run the studios.

Euroart Studios presented for the first time a guest curator, Dr Daniel Barnes, who is a philosopher, critic, educator and cultural commentator. He selected 16 artists for a series of three guided tours of their studios, with one tour each open day. Each tour lasted an hour and began with a short introductory talk by Dr Barnes about the exhibition he has curated of the selected artist’s works in the main public areas of Euroart.

Euroart is an inspirational and dedicated organisation that is helping to regenerate the Tottenham area, by attracting creative and artistic persons or businesses.

The studios are run by founders Nigel Young, space projects quality consultant, and Lorraine Clarke, professional visual artist.

Clarke and Young founded the studios in January 2002. At the beginning, Euroart studios were located in a leased industrial place next door to Tottenham Football Club, on High Road. In 2009, unfortunately Spurs purchased the site to build a new stadium. Euroart was evicted right away, but Clarke and Young could relocate in two warehouse units at Gaunson House, Tottenham, a short walk from Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale Tube stations. They leased the place for a 20-year terms, creating 34 workspaces. In August 2011 a third warehouse unit was leased for a total of around 70 workspaces created.

A not-for-profit group, Euroart Studios offers to artist lovely spaces at reasonable rates. This policy is helpful as many artists begin as a part-time or hobby. Many important artists started their career exactly like this.

The studios are at Gaunson House in Markfield Road, Tottenham, a short walk from Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale Tube stations.

Euroart Open Studios 2016 was at the Tottenham Hale, London, from 3rd until 5th June.


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