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The surprising exhibition on Astrazione Oggettiva was at the Estorick Collection, London.

David Franchi – Saturday, 1st Otober 2016.

Mauro Cappelletti, Untitled, 1976 @ Estorick Collection London

Mauro Cappelletti, Untitled, 1976 @ Estorick Collection London

“The Experience of Colour” is the first exhibition in the UK to focus on Astrazione Oggettiva movement, at the Estorick Collection, London.

The term Astrazione Oggettiva refers to a small Italian artistic movement which was countering what they believed to be the frivolity of the contemporary culture in the 1970s.

In 1976 the movement released the “Manifesto of Astrazione Oggettiva” which was the greatest artistic movement in the region of Trentino (Italy) after the World War II. The group was composed by the following artists: Mauro Cappelletti (Trento, 1948); Diego Mazzonelli (Terlago, Trento 1943 – Trento, 2014); Gianni Pellegrini (Riva del Garda, Trento, 1953); Aldo Schmid (Trento, 1935 – Monzuno, Bologna, 1978); Luigi Senesi (Pergine, Trento 1938 – Bologna, 1978); and Giuseppe Marini Wenter (Merano, Bolzano, 1944).

Astrazione Oggettiva focused on painting and colour which are at the centre of their investigation. They released works that were both conceptual and emotional. The Estorick Collection, London, exhibition displayed some of the most important pieces by each member of the group.

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