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Greek Metamorphosis changes London, at the Artmoorhouse.

Untitled by Theodore Chronis, 2015 © Artmoorhouse Gallery, London

Untitled by Theodore Chronis, 2015 © Artmoorhouse Gallery, London

London – Artmoorhouse presented the interesting “Μεταμόρφωσις: Beyond Shapes”, a collective exhibition of Greek artists only.

The exhibition catalogue opens with the phrase: “Art is the free motion, an intuitive response to the reality in which it finds expression, of which it is the expression.” Philosophy is complicated and the concept adopted for this show is difficult as well.

The point is metamorphosis implies changes. A widely used concept, metamorphosis comes from biology and it is a process by which an animal physically develops after birth. As a topic it has been extensively adopted by any sort of art and expressed by using all media.

Metamorphosis is keen to another philosophical concept ‘Panta rei’, which means ‘Everything flows’. Heraclitus firstly expressed it, meaning that there is a constant movement in every aspect of life. Becoming is, according to Heraclitus, the essence of ‘Being’, because everything is subject to time and transformation.


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