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“Modern Art” is a great publication by Thames & Hudson, London.

Modern Art” is a very involving book by Amy Dempsey, published by Thames & Hudson, London.

The author, Dempsey, has singled out t host important moments in Modern Art. The book lists sixty – height styles, schools and movements, focusing on the most significant of them.

Modern Art by Amy Dempsey © Thames & Hudson, London.

Modern Art by Amy Dempsey © Thames & Hudson, London.

Arranged in a chronological order, “Modern Art” spans the last 150 years of art, starting from 1860s, the Impressionism and the begin of the Avant- Garde, ending at nowadays with Destination Art, passing through Modernism (1900-1918), New Order (1918- 1945) and New Disorder (1945- 1965).

Amy Dempsey wrote an introduction for art neophytes, which is a guide to the last and ongoing period of art. It brings us into the knowledge of what one society and culture are, showing the recent history of our own world, leading to self- consciousness in terms of who we are and where we come from.

As part of the significant Art Essentials series, published by Thames & Hudson, “Modern Art” is not designed to be complete. It is intended to be a quick guide to Modern Art.

The text is written for people who want to improve their knowledge about the art scene, without going too much into an unnecessary depth. The book is a starting point for those who want to explore certain art movements in further details. This book avoids the often intimidating language the sophisticated art vocabulary has developed into.

Amy Dempsey is an art historian. She studied under Rosalind Krauss at Hunter College New York and received her doctorate from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Dempsey has written for various museums, including Tate, and is the author of Destination Art and Styles, Schools & Movements: The Essential Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art.

Art Essentials is an affordable, accessibly written and authoritative new series from Thames and Hudson on the visual arts. Its books are realized by specialists that present the keys to a richer understanding of art of all kinds. Spanning between different topics, the series is build into a set of must-have companions for every interested enquirer and gallery visitor, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the experience of the visual arts, whatever their prior knowledge of art is.

Written by Amy Dempsey, “Modern Art” is published by

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