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“Temptation” exhibition by the Guild of Erotic Artists, at The Strand Gallery, London.

“Temptation” exhibition by the Guild of Erotic Artists, at The Strand Gallery, London.

Aldous H. Brandisher – Monday, 28th October 2013.

3450“Temptation” by the Guild of Erotic Artists, at The Strand Gallery, has been the biggest exhibition of its kind in London.

Works from 35 emerging erotic artists were proposed at “Temptation”. Perhaps, The Strand Gallery exhibition is the largest display of bodily and figurative art in London for years.

“Temptation” displayed works made with an assortment of styles and materials which explore the sensual elements of the human body. The Strand gallery exhibition brought together over 250 pieces of Guild of Erotic Artists Members artwork, including oils, acrylics, pencils, prints, photographic prints, sculptures and digital art.

Artworks on show at “Temptation” exhibition promoted freedom of expression in erotic art, which is the main purpose of the worldwide known organisation Guild of Erotic Artists.

The human body is a sensual area whichever way it is depicted. Everyone has an inner beauty and through art …and photography this is brought to life.

The basic idea of the exhibition “Temptation” was that the artworks on show were conceived to tempt you. Artworks were presented a bit naughty but not filthy, artistic but not pornographic.

However, the results on show were not too sensible to the ideas. Generally speaking, photography was of a good quality. Sculptures were1379258_561935587195775_1713168721_n decent and with some interesting ideas. But, Chris Francis a part, drawing and painting was not satisfactory.

The Guild of Erotic Artists states that over the mankind history artists were allowed to express freely, and portraying human body in a variety of styles.

As a world renowned organisation the Guild of Erotic Artists brings the best portrayers of sensual, figurative art to the fore. Founded in 2002, it brought together established and emerging erotic artists together as one voice to promote freedom of expression.

Here are the exhibitors names: Aziz Anzabi; Robert Babylon; Paul John Ballard; Bob Bowdige; Louise Brown; Jacqueline Carstairs; John Clark; Mark Davy-Jones; Nikki Dennington; Chris Francis; James Lendon; Lindsay McDermid; Richard Murrin; Ric Savage; John Silver; B W Tyler; Jeff Wack; Eric Wallis; Harry Weisburd; Amodeus; Gregory Brown; John Coles; Draculous Photography; Steve DT; John Evans; Bill Hallett; Toby Jackman; Linda Johnson; Patricia Pastore; RF Images; Karenza Rozier; Tim Rosier; John Tisbury; Jocelyn Woods; Xanadu Images; Len Gifford; Tony Meadows.

The exhibition  “Temptation” has been organised by the Guild of Erotic Artists at The Strand Gallery, WC2N 6BP, London, from 1st to 6th October 2013.


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